I once read a quote from Walt Disney

in which he used the phrase, "Life Enhancer,"

and it stayed with me for years,

somewhere in the back of my mind.

Then, as my passion for eldercare

and elder advocacy emerged, sparked by my own personal experiences with my mother, father, and several relatives, the term again came to mind.

Enhancing life...sounds so simple.

It is and it isn't, particularly for a generation of people

who should be treasured: our seniors.

As a Life Enhancer, I have one goal: to enhance the lives of our seniors.


I created the "E.L.D.E.R.S." model to assist with this.

E: is for "Engage."

So often, as we age, we feel alone, isolated, and apart from society, rather than being a part of society. Sometimes, even invisible. The first, critical step, is engagement...to let our beloved seniors know that they are not only visible, but treasured.