Did you know?

Touch has been identified by scientists as the oldest of the human senses.

Even with food and water, if a newborn infant is not touched in its first weeks of life, it will perish!

What is Comfort Touch?

Comfort Touch is a style of mild acupressure particularly suited to address the needs of the elderly and ill.

As part of a nurturing model of healthcare, Comfort Touch supports the well-being of the individual as a complement to modern scientific medicine.


It gives special consideration to the physical and emotional needs of the client, providing comfort through techniques that promote deep relaxation and relief from pain.

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Dr. Hamele-Bena providing Comfort Touch

Comfort Touch uses specific techniques derived from Asian body work modalities of Shiatsu and acupressure,

with influence from integrative massage

and body energy therapies.

To learn more, download the Comfort Touch brochure below.


I am a Comfort Touch Provider, and was honored and fortunate to be trained by the woman who developed the technique over 30 years ago.

Session lengths range up to 45 minutes. Special equipment, lotions, and oils are not required, and clients remain fully clothed.

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Dr. Hamele-Bena providing Comfort Touch

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