I developed many of the services I provide as a result of my own experiences helping to enhance the lives of aging friends and relatives.

One of the things I did for my own father has now become the "Door Story" program, which literally transforms the door of a senior resident's room from a blank, dull plank of wood or metal to a lively, engaging, visual "snapshot" of the life of the person whose room is about to be entered.

This serves as reminder to staff and visitors that the person whose room you are about to enter is more than an aging senior...he or she is someone who has had a full, interesting, and amazing life, and is STILL LIVING IT!

The process:

Contact me to receive a questionnaire about the life of your loved one--what he or she did as a career, or a volunteer, or for relaxation, and a lot more.

I will also ask for the measurements of the door. From there, I design and create a series of customized vinyl silhouettes.

I will provide you with the vinyl stickers and instructions describing how to adhere them to the door. Although not easily re-positioned, they are removable, without any damage to the door.

Alternatively, for an additional fee, I will design the decal lay-out for you (subject to your approval), and place them on the door for you.

This is an example of my father's door, after "Door Story" was applied (actual photo of the door):


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