The first "E" in the E.L.D.E.R.S. model is "Engage" (engage, listen, dialog, excite, respond, sympathize). One of the best ways to engage people, of any age, is with something fun!

During my years as an educator, I have utilized my artistic talents to create unique, stimulating teaching tools. Similarly, I have created my own activities to engage seniors. Examples include an activity book for seniors that I wrote and illustrated. Click the photos below to purchase the book on Amazon, or to see examples of the content.

Available in English, Spanish, and Italian!

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Fun Inside Book Cover[59223].jpg

In addition, over the years, I have created games (board games and other types) and activities that have been most effective for aging seniors. Not only are they chosen to provide fun and enjoyment, but also to exercise the mind and aid with physical coordination and dexterity.

I tailor the activity to the individual, understanding the range of cognitive ability and interests of seniors. For example, for seniors with mildly reduced cognitive function, I've created an easy-to-play card game (below) with colors and numbers.

card game_edited.png

Tailoring activities to the individual is critical. For some, a conversation is both appropriate and beneficial; for others, word games or video games provide much pleasure. Also, activities may vary significantly from visit to visit, depending on the desires of your loves one.


Painting fun to enhance coordination and mental stimulation


This client created a special photo frame gift for his family


Dr. Hamele-Bena created a custom set of dominoes with pictures of family members to enhance engagement of the client

These games and activities are an important component of the On-site Visit services that I offer. In addition to providing fun, and mental stimulation, these activities give me a good idea of the emotional status of your loved one, and afford me the opportunity to enhance her/his life. I provide a description of the activities and level of engagement in my report to you.

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