By day, I am an academic physician at Columbia University Medical Center, with multiple Board certifications and administrative leadership experience, having served as Division Director for many years.


I have been a physician involved in patient care for nearly three decades. In addition, as an Associate Professor at Columbia, I have extensive experience as an educator. 

However, being a physician doesn't completely define me.

My true passion is elder care and advocacy. Sadly, this personal epiphany emerged during a period of abject darkness resulting from my uncovering abuse of a close relative in a top-rated long-term care facility. 

When my relative's suffering ended, I promised her that her legacy would be the spark she lit in me as a staunch advocate for the elderly, and that I would fan the flame she ignited into an inferno of compassion for our seniors.

A voice for the voiceless.

A presence for the invisible.

A friend for the friendless.

A protector for the vulnerable.

A Life Enhancer.

As I was honing my Life Enhancer skills with my own elderly father, my husband arranged for this short video from Ruth Buzzi, iconic television star of the 1970s, and best known as a regular on Rowan and Martin's Laugh In comedy show!

As a Life Enhancer, I do not function as a primary care physician, but clients benefit from my medical education and experience in each of the services offered.