If you have a loved one who is in a long-term care facility or increasingly confined to her or his home, you may be feeling some level of guilt, wishing you could visit  more often.

This is an extremely common and understandable emotion, but the reality of a demanding workplace, the responsibility of raising a family, and so many other situations often prevent us from spending the time we would like with our treasured, aging family member.

In the Westchester County, NY area, I offer bespoke, personalized visitation services for your loved one, with the sole purpose of enhancing her or his quality of life through the E.L.D.E.R.S. model I created (Engage, Listen, Dialog, Excite, Respond, and Sympathize).


Dr. Hamele-Bena providing life enhancement during an on-site visit

First, as a Life Enhancer, to provide compassionate socialization using the E.L.D.E.R.S. model (of engagement, listening, dialog, excitement, responsiveness, and sympathy).


Second, and equally important for many clients, I provide status checks. Whether your loved one is living alone, living alone with hired assistance, or residing in a long-term care facility, you may wonder about the quality of her/his care in your absence.


The goal of my on-site status check visits is to provide you with an overall assessment of your loved one's condition. These visits will help to allay your fear and worry over what happens to your loved one in between your visits, as well as to help identify current or potential issues and areas for improvement.

Status checks include the following:

(1) On-site visit to your loved one for 30-60 minutes at an agreed upon frequency. These could be scheduled visits or "drop-in," unannounced visits, which often provide a more candid and accurate picture than planned, announced visits. 

(2) Photos and videos, if requested (as allowed by law and institutional policy). There is truth to the adage, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and one can argue that a video is worth even more!

(3) A written report of the visit to be emailed to the client, with overall assessment of the condition in which your loved one was found, including, but not limited to:


  • cleanliness and organization of room, bathroom, etc.

  • overall condition

  • activities and level of engagement

  • other observations

  • concerns/issues

(4) Assessment of the mood of your loved one, using a "happiness" rating scale from 0-5, sad to happy, which permits me to track this over time, looking for improvement or decline.

(5) For clients residing in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, I will note the food and food service, if my visit occurs during meal time. This includes checking for things such as salt for low-sodium diets, sugar for diabetic residents, caffeine vs. decaffeinated drinks, a description and photos (as allowed) of the meal, and a match for accuracy between what is actually on the plate vs. what is on the dietary slip for the meal.

(6) If visit occurs during recreation or activities, a description of the specific activity and the level of engagement of your loved one in the activity (using a scale similar to the "happiness" scale, from 0-5, where zero represents total lack of engagement/interest, and five represents full engagement).

Plans are available for "per visit" pricing, as well as contracts for retained services for six or 12 months.

Contact me for more details by completing the form here, or via email to diane@lifeenhancer.expert