How many times have you gone to a doctor's appointment and wished that you could have asked more questions to help you better understand what your physician did or said?

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Often, it is difficult and anxiety-producing for seniors to thoroughly understand what their physicians explain to them, or understand the procedures that were performed as part of their care. That's where I come in!

Although I will not be acting as your loved one's physician, if requested, I may be able to accompany her/him to doctors' appointments, where I would serve as a patient advocate. As an advocate, my role would be to help your loved one communicate with healthcare providers so they get the information they need to make decisions about their healthcare.

With the patient's approval, I can also provide this service via telephone to their physicians. I can help translate the terminology used by the physician during the client's visit, and also act as an advocate on the client's behalf, asking the right questions so that the client is best-equipped to make her/his own healthcare decisions.

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