A couple of years ago, I uncovered physical abuse of a close relative by staff of a top-rated long-term care facility, using the latest video recording technology. As painful as this was to see, as a result, the abuse ceased, and it triggered a chain of events that are making positive reforms in eldercare even today.

This experience is what led to the video monitoring service that we offer. The process is simple:

  • We install a video camera (no audio), if you are local, or we provide instructions to help you install the camera, respecting the privacy of others (for example, a room mate).

  • You add the camera service to your existing cellular account (often taking advantage of multiple-device discounts with the carrier).

  • Where available, you also may connect the camera to a wi-fi network, if available and compatible.

We offer two packages for monitoring:

(1) You Monitor: With this package, you will do the monitoring of your loved one yourself, using the app and cloud-based recordings.

(2) We Monitor: With this package, you will still have anytime access to the recordings of your loved one, but we will also check in via video recording at a set frequency each day, and contact you immediately if anything warrants follow-up or further action.

The ability to visually check on your loved one is another means of "checking in" to visually assess her/his status. As the old saying goes, it is "the next best thing to being there," especially as an addition or alternative to our

on-site "check-in" service. 

In many states, including New York, it is legal to install video monitoring devices in the rooms of residents of long-term care facilities. Think of "nanny cams" (usually for nannies to monitor infants and children).


Whether in the home or in a long-term care facility, we can install video equipment for monitoring your loved one. Cameras installed in a private home afford you the ability to interact with your loved one via audio and video.


In long-term care facilities, only video will be used (since many states do now allow audio recording in this manner). However, video monitoring provides important information, even without audio, as in the case of my relative. 


Depending on the package selected, you will be able to monitor video alone, or interact with your loved one via audio and video. You will also be able to view the camera footage at any time via an app on your smart phone. 

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