Using the same colorful vinyl that I use for "Door Story," I can design similar figures for one or more walls. These can include phrases and/or silhouettes representing your loves one's family, favorite past times, hobbies, sports, and more.


These colorful figures are intended to trigger happy memories of the positive things your loved one did during her/his lifetime, and also serve as conversation starters for family, friends, and other visitors.

The process:

Contact me to receive a questionnaire about the life of your loved one--what he or she did as a career, or a volunteer, or for relaxation, and a lot more. Let me know if there are specific phrases or sayings you would like.

I also will ask for the measurements of the wall(s) to be used. From there, I design and create a series of customized vinyl silhouettes.

I will provide you with the vinyl stickers and instructions describing how to adhere them to the wall(s). Although not easily re-positioned, they are removable, without any damage to the wall(s).

Alternatively, for an additional fee, I will design the decal lay-out for you (subject to your approval) and place them for you (locally).

Contact me for more details by completing the form here, or by emailing diane@lifeenhancer.expert